Laboratorio Teatro Tra Le Righe is a European organization based in Berlin whose members include academics and artists of international standing. It targets students, young people, academics and others in Europe who want to improve their foreign language abilities, aesthetic sensitivities and their knowledge of European culture through dramatic performance.

Founded in 1993 by Dr. Teresa Zonno, and initially based at the romance language faculties of the Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, it has since grown into a permanent, independent forum for interdisciplinary research and intercultural projects in the fields of European literature, languages, theatre and education, organizing and conducting activities all over Europe. It has received international recognition for its intercultural projects, notably from the European Community through the "Support for International Non-Governmental Youth Organizations" budget, and the "Kaleidoscope," "Connect," and "Culture 2000" programmes. It has an ongoing partnership with theatres in England, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Italy, as well as with universities in Berlin, Siena, Barcelona, Oxford, London, Parma and Erlangen.

Laboratorio Teatro Tra Le Righe is the only ongoing project of mediation that offers established institutions of learning an alternative arena for experiments in performative application of theory. Particularly in the fields of linguistics and literature, it develops alternative methods of teaching and learning through dramatic performance, and it furthers an active approach toward the use of multimedia. Placing analogy at the forefront of a method of knowledge and experience, Laboratorio Teatro Tra Le Righe encourages people to think intuitively, and to discover the sensory experience of the different European languages and cultures, encouraging an understanding of similarities rather than differences.

Laboratorio Teatro Tra Le Righe sees its activity as an effort to stimulate communicative exchange between diverse European cultures on their way to negotiating integration, proposing a special connection between history, society, teaching and performative arts, based on a specific aspect of European culture understood as a Culture of Bridges.

The metaphor of the "Bridge" represents the development of a pan-European culture in both a historical and future-oriented perspective. It not only alludes to a transitional space, both local and trans-local, where different entities meet, but it is also a place in its own right. The "Bridge" allows your gaze to roam freely in all directions, developing an intense feeling of belonging, of unity and communication with that which is familiar, as well as with that which can be discerned from afar. The uniqueness of this Culture of Bridges lies in the free choice of perspective of being "foreign," which, through distance, allows a critical analysis of one's local origin and identity.

The metaphor of the bridge may also be applied to the rules of the game which are followed by Laboratorio Teatro Tra Le Righe's projects. The basic rules are generativity and referentiality, according to which the individual texts (films, documents, dramatic performances) that are analyzed and produced, must be generated and referred to by each other. Thus the activities realized in Laboratorio Teatro Tra Le Righe's projects include productions that are interconnected in a spatial-temporal progression, as various stages and phases of realization.

Contact: Dr.Teresa Zonno or Prof. Andrzej Wirth